A husband and wife were killed in a four-vehicle wreck in Charles County Friday morning, police said.

The crash took place around 11:36 a.m., according to Maryland State Police Capt. N.W. Dofflemyer. A truck traveling east on Route 231 hit the back of a passenger vehicle, Dofflemyer said, leading to a crash with two additional wesbround vehicles.

The man and woman were in the first vehicle, according to police. The other victims were listed in critical condition as of Friday afternoon.

State Police identified the victims as Evelyn Sommer, 66 and her husband Franz Sommer, 84, of Bennedict, Md. Evelyn Sommer was making a left turn into her driveway when her vehicle was hit, according to police. They were pronounced dead at the scene.

The crash took place on the Charles County side of the Benedict Bridge over the Patuxent River, according to police.

Police do not believe weather conditions caused the crash.

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