A hammer entered in as evidence in the Lululemon trial. (AP) | MORE PHOTOS FROM THE TRIAL

Apple Store employee Jana Svrzo said that on the night of March 11 she heard what sounded like “hitting” or furniture being moved at the yoga store next door.

Then, Svrzo said, she heard “high-pitched squealing.” Then “screaming and yelling.” There were more noises and more screaming.

Svrzo heard one voice through the shared wall between the stores: “Talk to me. Don’t do this. Talk to me. What’s going on?”

Later a voice say, “God help me. Please help me.”

Svrzo testified on the third day of the murder trial of Brittany Norwood, who is accused of beating and stabbing co-worker Jayna Murray that night in the Lululemon Athletica yoga store and staging elaborate cover-up.

At one point that night, Svrzo testified, she asked another store manager to listen to the noises. Jurors were shown video of the two standing close to the wall. Eventually things quieted and they went back to work.

At one point defense attorney Douglas Wood asked Svrzo if she would have called police if she had heard anyone yell for help. “It’s hard to say what I would have done,” Svrzo testified.

Svrzo declined to comment after the hearing.

Murray’s body was found the morning of March 12 in a store hallway, authorities said. Police officers discovered Norwood in a store bathroom, tied up, with blood on her face. She told police two masked men had slipped inside the store, and attacked and sexually assaulted her and Murray.

Norwood’s defense team admits she killed Murray, but said she simply lost control and that it was not premeditated murder.

Earlier Friday, a crime scene technician testified that signs of blood were found on the sinks of both the men’s and women’s restrooms in the upscale yoga store where Brittany Norwood killed a co-worker.

Amanda Kraemer told jurors that authorities examining the crime scene used a chemical that glows blue when traces of blood, even if an effort has been made to clean it, are detected. The sink in the woman’s restroom glowed, she said. The men’s room sink also glowed, but to a lesser extent.

After the killing, authorities have said, Norwood moved Murray’s car and then returned to the store.

Kraemer testified that blood was found on the car’s gear shift and on the door. She also said a baseball cap found on the floorboard appeared to have a “reddish stain” on the sweatband.


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