Lots of dogs, at least in fable and the funnies, carry the name Fido, a testament to canine faithfulness. But the police dog that ran away on Friday was named Bronco, possibly suggesting a streak of independence.


Bronco, who is employed by the Loudoun County sheriff’s office, “escaped from the groomers” in Leesburg Friday afternoon, the sheriff’s office said.

They asked for the public’s aid in locating the dog.

Bronco was described as an 80- to 85-pound dark sable German Shepherd.

The dog was last seen in the area of King Street and Catoctin Circle and may have traveled south of this area, the sheriff’s office said.

.Anyone spotting Bronco was asked to call the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office at 703-777-1021.

It was not immediately clear how Bronco escaped or why.