Police and bomb squad officials searched Takoma Park Middle School Tuesday morning after a student made a bomb threat, Takoma Park police said.

Police officers arrived at the school, which is on Piney Branch Road not far from the District line, shortly before 9:30 a.m. Police secured the school as they searched for potential threats.

Montgomery County Schools spokesman Dana Tofig said a student said something that indicated there might have been a bomb in the building, but police didn’t find anything.

“While staff did not believe it to be a credible threat, standard procedure is that the police are called,” Tofig said. “The building was searched, during which the school was put in a ‘shelter in place’ scenario.”

The “shelter in place” was lifted at about 11:30 a.m.

Generally, in “shelter in place” situations, students and staff aren’t allowed to move around the school, and instruction continues in classrooms. It is different from a lockdown, where all the doors of the school are locked internally and instruction stops.

Tofig said the student who allegedly made the threat will face disciplinary action, but the district could not discuss specifics. Police said the student was arrested, and an investigation is continuing.

The school’s principal is sending a letter home to parents, in addition to sending out a recorded telephone message about the incident.

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