The robbers approached the man in Southeast Washington Friday, asked for money and punched him in the body and the face before fleeing with $15, D.C. police said.

Several robbers took part in the attack at Fendall and V Streets, and all but one wore a mask, police said. But, they said, the victim described the robber without the mask, and he provided the sort of distinguishing characteristic that turned out to be helpful. The robber was African American, but he had blond hair, the victim said.

Police who were sent to the scene spotted somone who appeared to resemble the description of the blond haired, African American attacker. They tried to catch him, but he got away.

But on Saturday, police said they located a woman they believed to be the man’s mother. He turned himself in and was charged with robbery by force and violence.

A chase also led to an arrest Saturday near the busy Rhode Island Avenue NE Metrorail stop. The incident began when a computer in a patrol car alerted officers to a stolen car. They tried to stop it but it drove way. Police did not pursue, but began searching in the direction it was last seen.

That took them to a parking lot near the Metro.

The occupants of the car tried to run, but the officers chased them, police said. One was captured as he went into the nearby postal facility, and the other as he tried to get into the Metro station, police said. Charges included unauthorized use of a vehicle, police said.