A five-year veteran of the Metropolitan Police Department was sentenced to seven months in prison Monday for the attempted burglary of a Northwest apartment in March.

D.C. Superior Court Judge Robert E. Morin also placed Jennifer Green, 28, on two years of supervised probation upon her release. In April, Green pled guilty to the charge and resigned from the D.C. police force. She was assigned to the Fourth District.

“Office Green broke the very laws she was sworn to uphold,”said U.S. Attorney Ronald C. Machen Jr. in a statement.

According to court documents, the police depatment’s internal affairs unit hatched a sting operation using an informant facing anassault charge. Green and the informant met at the Macombo Lounge in the District and talked about an apartment that contained a large amount of money and drugs, the documents say.

Green told the informant that she had no use for the drugs but that she could use the money, according to the documents.

The next night, the informant called Green and asked whether she “was still trying to do that” with him later. Green, the documents say, then said, “Yeah, man, you got what you need to do that?” Green then asked for the address of the apartment, police say in the documents.

About 8:15, the informant arrived at Green’s apartment. Green, who was off duty, went outside and then went back for her police-issued radio, the documents say. Inside the informant’s vehicle, Green used the radio to monitor chatter from the 4th District. She then gave the informant directions to the apartment they were going to burglarize, and the two parked at a Safeway in the area, according to the documents.

The informant then pulled a crowbar out of the back seat and stuffed it into his right sleeve, the papers say. The informant went inside the apartment on Quincy Street and returned with $1,050 that had been marked by D.C. police internal affairs officers and a plastic bag containing white soap pieces that were packaged to resemble crack cocaine, the papers say.

According to the documents, Green ordered the defendant to drive away as she counted the money. She told the informant the total was “G 50” and said she would take $600, the papers say.

The informant drove back to Green’s apartment about 9 p.m., and Green was arrested outside.

According to D.C. police officials, 18 D.C. police officers have been arrested this year and on charges ranging from murder to receiving stolen property.