After almost 20 years, members of Chet Hunter Matthews’ family got news this week that someone had been charged with murder in his 1992 death in the District — but they still have questions.

Matthews was dragged out of his car by a group of robbers, according to court documents, then shot dead with a shotgun. There was a woman in the car with him, court papers say, and his family still wonders who she was. A relative said they believe she might know the men who killed Matthews, and could provide more information about his death.

 “Our happy family remains devastated, torn to the core,” family members said in a statement. “We realize our world will never be the same, but we want justice for Chet.”

Family members said Matthews, 27, was a barber and letter carrier who served in the Army — and also a father. Earlier this week, police announced the arrest of Lamont Deshawn Terry of South Carolina, 37, charging him with felony murder while armed in the Memorial Day 1992 killing.

Police said they were able to arrest Terry because of information provided by two of his accomplices, who pleaded guilty in the incident.

According to court documents, Matthews and the woman were in a car in East Potomac Park, just south of the Tidal Basin, when a group of men forced him to his knees and robbed him. The woman was forced to lie in the grass.

Matthews begged for his life, court documents said, and Terry shot him in the chest. he was dead when police arrived.

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