The Virginia Supreme Court ruled Friday that Alfredo R. Prieto, convicted of killing a man and woman outside Reston in 1988, should be executed, affirming a Fairfax County jury and judge who imposed two death sentences in 2010.

Alfredo Prieto, convicted of two murders in Fairfax County and one in California, in a 2010 mug shot. (Fairfax County Sheriff's Office)

The opinion written by Justice LeRoy F. Millette Jr. rejected nine major claims of error by the defense in the sentencing proceeding, conducted separately by Fairfax Circuit Court Judge Randy I. Bellows.

Prieto's first trial in Fairfax, in 2007, ended in a mistrial. His second, in 2008, ended in a conviction and death sentence. But the Virginia Supreme Court in 2009 ordered that the sentencing process be repeated because the jury's verdict form wasn't complete.

A new jury heard testimony and evidence solely for the purpose of deciding whether to sentence Prieto to life in prison or death, and selected death for both killings.

Prieto’s case now enters the federal court system for further review.