Animal control officers confiscated 40 animals, including a kinkajou, a chinchilla and a tarantula, from a Pasadena home Thursday, authorities said. The animals were taken nearly a month after five raccoons and skunks were taken from the same home for rabies testing.

The five animals taken Aug. 31 tested negative, according to Anne Arundel County Animal Control Administrator Robin Small, but authorities remained concerned about the number and welfare of animals in the house.

County police said that other animals confiscated Thursday included two dogs, a cat, two turtles, seven birds, four chickens, a goat, apig, three snakes, 12 aquatic animals, three geese and a duck. A dead rabbit and several dead quail were also removed from the property, authorities said.

Many of the animals in the house lacked food, water and adequate shelter, according to county police. Animal control officers are now working with rescue groups to find homes for the surrendered animals, authorities said.

Small said the Aug. 31 investigation into the home in the 8000 block of Lockwood Road began with an anonymous tip. The resident surrendered several animals after the first visit, police said, but then obtained more afterward.

Owning skunks and raccoons is illegal because of their potential for carrying rabies, Small said.

Authorities have not yet charged the homeowner, according to county police .

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