We’ll give you the number to call at the end here if you found the money bag but in the meantime. . .

Some folks forget they have a coffee mug resting on the car roof as they roll out and then, there’s this guy.

A clerk headed to make a bank deposit at about 5:45 a.m. Thursday from a store on Ritchie Highway in Anne Arundel County placed a bag “containing a large amount of cash” on top of his SUV and pulled away — as he later told Maryland State Police when he asked for help trying to find the bag along I-97 northbound near Route 100.

By 6 a.m., when a trooper went to the area to investigate, there was no sign of cash.

The press release on this incident discreetly says the employee worked for “a convenience store.” It also says the missing bag is light red and marked with “7-11.”

Were state police skeptical?

Oh yes, and they considered “all possibilities” when the clerk called for help, said state police spokesman Greg Shipley. But troopers who investigated found witnesses who saw money “fluttering down the road” right around that time and deemed it a credible report, Shipley said.

The bag contained “five figures” according to Shipley.

Unlikely as it seems, there may be a trend brewing.

Back in March,an estimated 40 motorists pulled to the side of I-270 in Montgomery County to help themselves to cash that rained out when two plastic bags spilled from the unsecured door of an armored car and broke when they hit the pavement. About $5,800 was lost in that incident, reports at the time said, although roughly $100 had been returned after pleas for help and offers of amnesty.

Most of the armored car money, though, “gone. Troopers got to that scene in less than 20 minutes. too, and there were only coins left on the ground,” Shipley recalled.

If you found the Anne Arundel bank bag or may have recovered some of the cash, you are asked to contact Maryland State Police at the Glen Burnie Barrack at 410-761-5130.