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Prosecutors in Aruba on Wednesday released photographs of a pair of tourists from Maryland at the center of an international missing person’s mystery.


Gary V. Giordano of Gaithersburg and Robyn Gardner of Frederick County are seen in the pictures leaving the Rum Reef Restaurant on the afternoon of Aug. 2, according to authorities on the island. Gardner, 35, is seen in a long dress. Giordano, 50, is wearing a dark shirt and tan shorts.

At 6:23 p.m. that day, Giordano reported Gardner missing, Aruban police said. Giordano said that the two had gone snorkeling, but she didn’t make it back to shore. He was arrested on the island three days later, on Aug. 5, and has been held since. Gardner’s body has not been found.

Prosecutors have termed Giordano a suspect in a suspicious death investigation.


Aruban authorities also released a photograph of a white Toyota Rav 4 that Giordano and Gardner used during their stay in Aruba.

Police said they want to hear from anyone who saw Giordano and/or Gardner on the island or can provide information about them. The tip line in Aruba is 11141. A separate phone line has been opened in the United States, prosecutors said: 297-582-0695, preceded by the international access code.