Investigators in Aruba are examining a travel insurance policy and digital photographs linked to a detained Gaithersburg man and his missing traveling companion, Aruban Solicitor General Taco Stein said in an interview Thursday.

Gary V. Giordano

Stein said the photographs were found in a camera that apparently was recovered from a hotel room where the two stayed.

“We have a camera that’s been confiscated,” Stein said. “We surmise it’s his camera but there’s not yet a definite point of view on that. And there are explicit pictures on that camera.”

Stein would not elaborate on the images.

Stein said that Gardner and Giordano were last seen together at the Rum Reef Bar & Grill about 4 p.m., Aug. 2. Giordano, 50, reported her missing shortly after 6 p.m., saying that she hadn’t made it to shore after the two had gone snorkeling.

But investigators are boring in on what they say are inconsistencies in Giordano’s story, and presented those inconsistencies to a judge on Monday who ordered Giordano detained for another 16 days.

Among the inconsistencies, Stein said, was how Giordano described the sea at the time of the snorkeling.

“He said it was a rough sea and we came to the conclusion that the sea was extremely calm,” Stein said, adding that there “were a number of things like that that were contradicting each other. And that’s why we presented the case.”

Stein declined to comment on two reports in the case on Thursday. Among them:

The Associated Press, citing an unidentified source, reported that Giordano purchased the $1.5 million American Express Travel Insurance policy shortly before he left for Aruba and that the accidental-death benefit covered only the length of their short trip. Two days after reporting Gardner missing, Giordano sought to claim the money, according to the AP.

NBC reported that a rock with a full handprint and blood had been discovered. It was unclear if the rock is connected to Gardner’s disappearance, NBC News said.

Giordano’s lawyer in Aruba, Michael Lopez, could not be reached for comment Wednesday or Thursday. In the past, he has indicated there is no evidence that Giordano had committed a crime.