The autistic 9-year-old who was lost in the Virginia woods for six days will have to stay in the hospital longer than expected as doctors try to repair a hole his esophagus.

The Free-Lance Star of Fredericksburg reports that Robert Wood Jr. suffered a tear in his throat while he was lost in Hanover County.

Wood’s grandmother, Norma Jean Williams, told the Star she thinks the injury was caused by something the boy ingested while he was lost.

“It must have been something he tried to eat,” she told the Star. “That's why they can't give him any solid foods.”

Wood, who is severely autistic and cannot speak, went missing Oct. 23 during a walk with his family in North Anna Battlefield Park.

Thousands of volunteers helped search for the boy in the woods north of Richmond.

He was found on Friday in good condition, apart from the hole in his throat.

Wood is recovering at Virginia Commonwealth University’s Medical Center in Richmond.