If you followed last week’s internet rumor that a local man had been killed in an Air Jordans-related incident, then you’ll want to read the Baltimore Sun’s interview with the victim.

Actually, The Sun spoke with a 22-year-old Londoner whose photo was supposedly that of “Tyreek Amir Jacobs.”

Jacobs, according to thousands of people spreading the rumor on Twitter, Facebook and elsewhere, was a D.C.-area 18-year-old who had been killed on Thursday or Friday over the new Jordans.

“I’m actually alive,” said Sidney Boahen, whose image appeared on various Facebook and other pages paying tribute to Jacobs.

Boahen told The Sun that “he was getting home from his job as a pharmacist trainee and saw in his Facebook inbox that a friend had seen the report. ‘It’s you!’ they said.

“Boahen said the photo was taken five years ago without his permission by a teacher. He remembers the photos being taken - but didn’t know they would eventually be sold and made available as stock images. ‘This is a legal issue now, because I was only 17 at the time and he didn’t have my parent’s permission.’”

Boahen was not amused by what appears to be a hoax. Police know of no such incident.

“Maybe there’s a person out there that [actually] died,” he told The Sun. “No one should be killed over sneakers. But his picture should be up there, not mine.”