Hey, aren’t you? That was the reaction BET network Chairman and CEO Debra Lee received Friday in D.C. Superior Court as she stood in line to order a latte to take to court.

Lee spent the week on criminal case jury, one of the first times the Harvard-trained lawyer turned network executive had ever been picked for a jury, she said.

As Lee ordered her latte in the Firehook bakery in the basement level of the courthouse, the sales clerk told her she reminded her of someone. “You know who you look like? You look like that woman from BET. But shorter.”

Lee,wearing a juror badge and looking much more casual than she does in her designer gowns during her appearances on her network’s award shows, responded, “I get that a lot. She’s younger and taller than I am,” as she gave the saleswoman her money and thanked her for her latte’.

Later, Lee acknowledged she was “excited” about the fall season for the cable network that included a new season of “The Game” as well as the new Tracee Ellis Ross/Malcolm Jamal Warner original series called “Reed Between the Lines.” Lee said BET’s daily late night talk show, hosted by comedian and Academy Award winner Mo’Nique, was on “hiatus” but hoped the show would return.