Brittany Norwood killed Jayna Murray on March 11 and spent a week lying to investigators about it. Her version: Two masked men slipped into Bethesda’s Lululemon Athletica yoga store after closing time and attacked them both.

By Friday, March 18, detectives were not only sure Norwood did it, they knew they’d trapped her in a big lie two days prior.

Specifically, Norwood had told veteran Detective Jim Drewry – in the center of this video – that she’d never been inside Murray’s car. The problem for Norwood: Investigators had blood evidence indicating Norwood had been in the car. So Norwood tried to lie her way out of her lie. She asserted that during the attack, the masked men asked her to go move Murray’s car and then walk back to the store. Detective Dimitry Ruvin is on the left:

Drewry then asked her to go over the car-moving story again, and eventually bored in on how little sense it made:

As the interview progressed, Norwood also tried to explain how she got Murray’s blood on her. She said one of the masked men pushed her onto Murray’s bloody body and said: “This is because of you.”

Later that day, detectives charged Norwood with first-degree murder. She was convicted on Nov. 2.

Montgomery County Circuit Court made the videotapes available after Norwood was tried and sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole.