Lana Conner said she was on the front porch of her home on the evening of August 1, when her cat, Whiskers, came padding up the driveway.

“All of the sudden, I realized something was wrong,” Conner said. ”There was an arrow sticking through the back of her neck. It was halfway above and below her head.”

Conner said she threw a towel around the gray cat, called police and set off for the veterinarian. On the way, Conner said Whiskers yowled loudly each time the arrow moved.

Conner said the veterinarian was able to remove the projectile and treat the cat. The veterinarian said Whiskers was extremely lucky: The arrow only caught skin. Whiskers is recuperating and is expected to be fine.

Manassas Park police are investigating the incident as a case of animal cruelty and said the arrow may have been fired from a crossbow, said Karen Barton, a police spokeswoman.

Police believe the cat was struck some time during the day of August 1 outside Conner’s home in the 100 block of Martin Drive.

Officers canvassed the neighborhood, but so far there are no leads in the case.

“Where I live is a quiet neighborhood,” Conner said. “I was very shocked to see this happen.”

Anyone with information is asked to call the Manassas Park police at (703) 361-1136.