An 18-year-old from the District was arrested on car-theft charges Tuesday, one month after he and three other teenagers led police on a chase in Montgomery County that ended in a fatal, fiery crash in Chevy Chase Circle.

Reeco Richardson, of the 6000 block of Sligo Mill Road NE, was the front-seat passenger inside a stolen Toyota Echo, and the only survivor, police said. Detectives obtained a warrant for him earlier this month. They arrested him Tuesday and he was then released on his own recognizance.

About 1:15 a.m., March 23, a Montgomery patrol officer spotted the car in the area of Connecticut Avenue and East West Highway. The officer typed the license tag into his onboard computer, and it came back stolen, according to police. The officer called for backup, and other police cars started to converge on the area in preparation to stop the car. Before they could do so, according to police, the Echo took off, fleeing south on Connecticut. As the Echo tried to go around Chevy Chase Circle just north of the District border, it hit a tree in the circle and caught on fire.

Officers were able remove Richardson and the driver, Reynard Osman, 16, from the front seats. Police used fire extinguishers, but were unable to rescue the back-seat passengers, Emanuel Nelson, 16, and Tyree Nelson, 14, authorities said. Those two were pronounced dead at the scene. Osman passed away from his injuries on March 28