A 68-year-old man who was found dead in his Northwest Washington apartment on Saturday was killed by his 21-year-old roommate, D.C. police said in court documents filed Monday.

It appears from the documents that Howard Venable Jr. was stabbed during a robbery or an altercation. Police said his bank card was taken and used by the suspect to withdraw more than $600 from his bank account at a gas station and a convenience store in Capitol Heights.

David J. Wilson was charged with second-degree murder. D.C. Superior Court Magistrate Judge Karen Howze ordered him held in jail until his next hearing on Feb. 20.

Few details could be learned of either the suspect or victim. He lived in a third-story apartment building called The Mozart in the 1600 block of Fuller St. NW, on the edge of Adams Morgan and Mount Pleasant, near two foreign embassies along 16th Street. A relative of Venable, reached by phone, declined to comment.

D.C. police said Venable’s body was found shortly before 7 p.m. on Saturday after officers got a call for an unconscious person. Police would not say who called authorities. They said the body was found face down on the floor of his apartment in the bedroom doorway.

An autopsy showed that Venable had been stabbed twice in the upper body and that his neck was slashed, according to the charging document filed in court. Police also said he had cuts on his hands that appeared to them as defensive wounds.

Police said in court documents that a witness identified the suspect as having lived with Venable, and police then traced the use of the victim’s credit card. Detectives said they located Wilson on Sunday inside a house in District Heights.

In the court documents, they say he gave several versions of events, including that he had not been inside Venable’s apartment since Jan. 10, then that he did go there on Jan. 31 but found the body and took the bank card. Finally, police said he was with Venable when intruders attacked and killed him.

Finally, according to the court documents, police said that Wilson told them he and Venable were arguing, and that Venable got a knife and the two wrestled for it. Wilson told police that Venable fell and stabbed himself, according to the court documents.

Jennifer Jenkins contributed to this report.

This report has been updated.