D.C. police are investigating an allegation that a three year-old boy was sexually abused in a Northeast Washington daycare center’s classroom last week, according to officials and a police report.

On April 12, police began investigating an alleged incident that happened two days before at a church daycare center in the 1200 block of Kenilworth Avenue, police report said.

A witness told police that she walked into a classroom and saw a man with his pants down standing over the cot of the sleeping child whose pants were removed to his knees, the report said.

The witness yelled at the man and he immediately pulled up the child’s pants, according to the report.

The child suffered no apparent physical injuries, police said. The man in question is a staffer at the school, a law enforcement source said.

Police officials and the U.S. Attorney’s office are investigating the allegation and whether other children who were assaulted, said Cmdr. George Kucik.

Several calls to the center were not immediately returned.

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