The D.C. police department has instituted an online reporting system that allows the public to alert authorities to suspected terrorist activity.

The program, announced Wednesday, is called iWATCHDC, and is described by police as “the next evolution in an integrated terrorism-prevention plan” that involves other forms of intelligence-gathering.

Users can log onto to and file detailed reports, including photos, of any suspicious activity they observe. The Web site contains information about how to prepare the reports and says they should take less than five minutes to complete.

“You will be prompted to enter your contact information so that a member of the Metropolitan Police Department may contact you to follow up with any additional questions about what you’ve witnessed,” the department said, adding that “every report is reviewed by analysts.”

“We encourage anyone who witnesses what appears to be suspicious or out of the ordinary activity to report this by using iWATCHDC or calling 911,” said Chief Cathy L. Lanier said in a statement. “Even though the activity may seem insignificant, it may just be the piece of information that is needed to get a clearer picture of a potential terrorist plot or criminal activity.”