On Sept. 12, D.C. police released a statement regarding the arrest of former D.C. mayoral candidate Sulaimon Brown, who accused aides to then-candidate Vincent Gray of trying to buy his support.

The full statement is below. The arrest report is available on the District of DeBonis blog.

Arrest of Sulaimon Brown

(Washington, DC) — On Monday, September 12, 2011, members of the Metropolitan Police Department’s Third District arrested 41-year-old Sulaimon Brown following a traffic stop in the 600 block of Florida Avenue, NW, at approximately 1 a.m.

Officers were traveling in an unmarked police car Northbound in the 2300 Block of Georgia Ave NW, when a gray Mercedes sedan bearing Maryland tags was observed, traveling Southbound. The vehicle’s right front headlight was not operational.

The unmarked police car pulled directly behind the vehicle and activated both the police vehicles emergency lights and siren within the 600 Block of Florida Ave NW. Three officers in full tactical uniform approached the vehicle advised Mr. Brown of the reason for the traffic stop and asked for his drivers license, registration and proof of insurance all of which he provided.

Upon a check of the status of Mr. Brown’s license and registration, it was discovered that his Maryland driver’s license was suspended. An officer on the scene directed Mr. Brown to exit the vehicle. Mr. Brown refused to comply, immediately rolled up all of his vehicle windows, locked all four doors, grabbed his cell phone and made a phone call. The three officers on the scene repeatedly directed Mr. Brown to exit the vehicle and he refused to comply. Additionally, an MPD sergeant arrived and identified himself as an official, displaying his badge and MPD issued identification.

The sergeant then directed Mr. Brown, as well to step out of the vehicle. Mr. Brown refused and the sergeant advised him that his refusal to exit the vehicle would lead to his arrest for Failure to Obey a Lawful Order.

After several directives, Mr. Brown eventually exited the vehicle. Upon exiting the vehicle, he was placed under arrest for No DC Permit and Failure to Obey a Lawful Order. Mr. Brown’s vehicle was impounded. During an inventory of Mr. Brown’s vehicle, officers located a 26 inch retractable ASP baton and a window placard which read Metropolitan Police Department POLICE Official Business also displaying the MPD Patch upon it. The Metropolitan Police Department is investigating why Mr. Brown had a window placard, as he has never been a member of the Metropolitan Police Department in an active or reserve/auxiliary status.