Jurors could begin deliberating as soon as Tuesday in the trial of five men charged in a spate of homicides in the District in March 2010, including a drive-by shooting that killed three victims and wounded six.

More than two month after jury selection began in the D.C. Superior Court trial, which has included more than 100 witnesses and more than 1,000 items of evidence, Assistant U.S. Attorney Bruce Hegyi finished his closing argument Monday.

One of the five defense attorneys in the case also finished his closing argument Monday, and another defense lawyer began his final argument before the court adjourned for the day.

The trial concerns one of the deadliest spates of gun violence in the city in decades. In a series of related attacks in late March 2010, a total of 14 people were shot, five fatally, in three incidents. The final attack, on March 30, was the drive-by shooting on South Capitol Street SE.

On trial are Orlando Carter, 22; his brother, Sanquan Carter, 21; and Jeffrey D. Best, Robert Bost and Lamar Williams, all 23. They are charged with multiple counts of first-degree murder, conspiracy, assault, illegal firearms possession and other crimes.