The jury in the case of five men charged with murder in one of the District’s deadliest outbreaks of violence in years began deliberations Wednesday afternoon.

The jury will now consider first-degree murder charges against Orlando Carter, 22; his brother, Sanquan Carter, 21; Jeffrey D. Best, 23; Robert Bost, 23; and Lamar Williams, 23.

The five men face first-degree murder, conspiracy, weapons and other charges in connection with a series of shootings in March 2010 that left five dead. If convicted, they could spend the rest of their lives in prison.

Their trial, in D.C. Superior Court, began in February and featured dozens of witnesses.

The government’s star witness was a sixth man, 28-year-old Nathaniel Simms, who confessed to a role in the shootings — five were killed over eight days in a spate of back-and-forth violence — and agreed to cooperate with authorities.

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