Two people, including the volunteer chief of the District Heights fire department, are hospitalized after being injured Monday night in a crash in Forestville that involved a Prince George's County fire department vehicle, Prince George’s fire officials said.

The volunteer chief was responding to an emergency around 7 p.m., with the vehicle’s lights and siren on, authorities said. While the fire department vehicle was crossing through the intersection of Pennsylvania Avenue and Donnell Drive, a civilian vehicle collided with it. Both vehicles were heavily damaged in the crash, and may be totaled, a Prince George’s County fire department spokesman said.

The adult woman driver of the civilian vehicle was transported to a local hospital with injuries to her lower extremities. The volunteer chief, an adult male, also went to the hospital with pain and discomfort in his upper body, a fire official said.

The person driving the fire department vehicle will undergo a post-crash screening as part of standard procedure, authorities said. Prince George’s County police are also investigating the incident.