James “Sticky” Brewer -- a felony murder suspect who slipped away from D.C. Superior Court on Friday by swapping identification bracelets with a suspect in a less serious offense -- was apprehended on Saturday, according to the U.S. Marshals Service.

A law enforcement source said that Brewer turned himself in.

Brewer, 24 of Southeast Washington, had been arrested in Newport News on Thursday in the killing of an elderly Army veteran in the District. He was to have been presented in court the following day on a felony charge of first-degree murder while armed.

But Brewer never made it before Magistrate Judge Karen Howze -- at least not as himself.

According to court documents, Brewer swapped identification bracelets with another man, Bradley Allen, who was facing a lesser charge of possession of a controlled substance, a misdemeanor. Posing as Allen, Brewer was arraigned and then released Friday afternoon on his (or, rather, Allen’s) own recognizance.

Upon discovering that Brewer had slipped out of the Indiana Avenue courthouse, Marshals convened a task force and made apprehending him a top priority. Allen was eventually arraigned as himself and released.

A witness identified Brewer as the triggerman in the fatal June 27 robbery of Solomon Reese at the 71-year-old's apartment house on Good Hope Road SE, according to court documents.

More details to come