A 31-year-old Maryland woman faces 30 years in prison after providing a fake alibi for her boyfriend in connection with a shooting in Southeast Washington, authorities said.

Lakeisha Scott, who was a probation officer in D.C. at the time of the shooting, was convicted Monday of obstructing justice in the 2011 incident that stemmed from her boyfriend’s affair with another woman.

According to prosecutors, Scott was at her Capitol Heights home with her boyfriend early the morning of Jan. 16, 2011, when the boyfriend repeatedly received phone calls from the same number.

He did not answer his phone, but Scott did, only to find out that it was a woman whom her boyfriend had also been seeing.

Following this conversation, shortly before 6:25 a.m., the boyfriend left Scott’s home by himself and headed to the other woman’s apartment in Southeast D.C.

Prosecutors said that he got out of his car and, when he saw the other woman at her window, fired 11 shots into the side of the building.

The woman was not injured, but reported the incident to D.C. police.

When Scott’s boyfriend was arrested, he claimed that he had been with Scott all morning. Scott later told a detective that she did not know anything about a shooting and that her boyfriend had been with her the entire time, except for a 10-minute window that fell outside of the time of the shooting.

However, the other woman told police that Scott had called her in the minutes following the shooting. Prosecutors said that Scott attempted to call her boyfriend, but when she was unable to reach him she called the other woman and spent more than 10 minutes on the phone with her.

Shortly after Scott was charged, her boyfriend pleaded guilty to the shooting.

Scott was convicted on the obstruction of justice charge, but not on a second charge of perjury. A sentencing date will be scheduled at a hearing on April 20.