Toth over the years. (FBI)

Eric Justin Toth, who also goes by the name David Bussone, has been on the run since June 2008.

Toth had been a third-grade teacher at the prestigious Beauvoir school at Washington National Cathedral when another teacher discovered pornographic images on a school camera Toth had been using.

Despite an apparent attempt to fake his own death in August 2008, Toth has been spotted in several states since then.

He is believed to have traveled to Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin and Minnesota. Investigators believe he lived in Arizona as recently as 2009.

Toth, now 30, is described as 6’3” and weighing about 155 pounds.He has brown hair, green eyes and a medium complexion. He has a mole under his left eye.

Investigators call him a “computer expert” and believe he regularly uses the Internet and social networking Web sites. He is believed to advertise his services online as a tutor or male nanny.

There is a reward of up to $100,000 for information leading to his arrest.