The father of a Fairfax City infant who died in June has been charged with child abuse against the dead girl and her injured twin sister, police and court documents say.

David Bruce Thatcher, Jr., 21, told police in a statement that he injured Thalia and Myana Thatcher several times following their birth at the end of April, according to a police affidavit filed in court to support a search warrant application.

Thalia Thatcher died on June 7 and an autopsy revealed blunt force trauma injuries to the back of her head, according to the warrants.

Thatcher was charged with two counts of child abuse on June 11, but the investigation is ongoing and additional charges could be filed, Fairfax County police said.

A detective filed the search warrants in Fairfax County court to obtain medical records from a Fairfax City pediatric practice, where both girls were treated.

Police declined to release additional details about the case, since the probe is not yet complete.