Giordano’s home. (Dan Morse/The Washington Post)

Gary V. Giordano

Giordano, who lives in Gaithersburg, has not been charged with a crime in Aruba. His lawyer, Michael Lopez, told the Associated Press that Giordano “emphatically denies being involved in any malicious acts.”

Late Friday, FBI agents who have been assisting Aruban authorities searched Giordano’s single-family home on Pueblo Road in Gaithersburg. About a dozen unmarked cars were on the scene, and agents could be seen on the first and second floors of the stone home, which is set back from the road.

“We’re here this evening to execute a federal search warrant on the residence of Gary Vincent Giordano,” FBI agent Phil Celestini told reporters outside the home. “This search is being conducted pursuant to a criminal investigation. Because this is an active investigation, we cannot comment further.”

Robyn Gardner

Montgomery County authorities said they investigated the woman’s claims but ultimately dropped the probe because she did not want to pursue the case. The woman’s lawyer said in an interview that her client was afraid.

Aruban authorities said Giordano and Gardner arrived on the Island July 31. Two days later, Giordano told local police that Gardner failed to make it to the beach after they went snorkeling. Three days after that, as Giordano tried to leave the island, police arrested him at the airport.

Aruban authorities said Giordano has stopped cooperating in the investigation. He is scheduled to appear in a closed court hearing Monday, and authorities will have to determine whether to pursue criminal charges.

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