(Walter Bond/Courtesy photo)

Firefighters were called to Anacostia High School, in the 1600 block of 16th St. SE, Friday morning, for a report of a fire on the roof, according to the city’s fire department. The fire has been contained, schools official said.

Roofing materials caught fire, according to the union’s Twitter feed.

The school was evacuated, according to officials. Two firefighters suffered minor injuries, the firefighters’ union said.

The fire began sometime before noon. The part of the school that caught fire was unoccupied, according to the fire department.

School was dismissed, and afternoon activities were cancelled, schools authorities said. A basketball game scheduled for Friday evening at Ballou Senior High School will still take place.

It was a “pretty big blaze,” according to athletic director and girls’ basketball coach Walter Bond, who said he was washing jerseys when he heard the announcement to evacuate the school around 11:45 a.m.

Students and staff were evacuated to the school’s football field, Bond said.

“The sentiment among the staff and students wasn’t of fear because the fire was so far away from everybody inside,” said Bond. “Everybody was just amazed that this happened at Anacostia.”

Authorities were evaluating whether to open the school on Tuesday.

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