Four suspected narcotics dealers are being sought by police Thursday after an investigation resulted in the arrest of nine and uncovered narcotics and weapons in Prince William County, according to police.

Law enforcement officials searched three Graham Court apartments in Triangle Wednesday at 4:30 p.m. and found cocaine, marijuana, handguns and packaging material, according to police.

Police say the raid was a result of a four-month investigation by county police and the ATF-led Northern Virginia Violent Crimes Task Force.

Police are searching for Jarron Rakim Berryman, 24, of Woodbridge; Jermaine Anthony Poles, 26, who has no fixed address; Donald Joseph Manning, 32, of Triangle; and Clayton George Smith, 24, of Dumfries.

“They were basically selling the cocaine and selling firearms out of those apartments,” said Officer Jonathan L. Perok, a spokesman for the police department. “They were selling them in the Dumfries, Triangle area and we’re confident [that the distribution is confined] ... in that location.”