A 56-year-old former Commerce Department accountant was convicted of bank fraud, conspiracy, obstruction of justice and identity theft in connection with a scheme to obtain fraudulent mortgages on Wednesday in federal court, prosecutors said.

Gregory L. McCormick of Silver Spring is scheduled to be sentenced on Sept. 19 in the District’s federal court, where he faces a minimum of two years in prison.

During his trial, prosecutors Susan Menzer and Sean Delaney proved that McCormick conspired with a professional sports manager and others to obtain multiple fraudulent mortgages.

The manger, Nathan Peake, has pleaded guilty to income tax evasion: Peake did not file income tax returns or pay taxes from 2000 through 2007, prosecutors said. Peake is scheduled to be sentenced on Aug. 2.

McCormick was also convicted of obstruction of justice for lying about his role in Peake’s financial affairs to investigators and a grand jury; he also failed to produce records requested by the grand jury.