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Kevin Shawn Bailey eluded police for eight months, and he wasn’t shy about it — even boasting on social media sites that they couldn’t nab him.

The bravado ended early Thursday in Prince William County when U.S. Marshals arrested him as he tried to slip out of a bathroom window of a house. Bailey, 24, of Northern Virginia, had been sought on a warrant charging him with violating his probation on a drug conviction in Fairfax County, deputies said.

Details of Bailey’s alleged taunts were not available Saturday. A Marshals Service official said he was only aware that Bailey “was on Facebook and Twitter and bragging about his ability to stay away from police.”

Not surprisingly, authorities are increasingly monitoring social media sites to track criminals and track down fugitives. Last year, U.S. Marshals arrested an alleged gang member after he updated his Facebook page with information about his new cellphone number and home town.