Three appeals court judges in Aruba have just ruled that a Gaithersburg man must remain in custody, rejecting a request from a lawyer for Gary Giordano that he be released, prosecutors said early Wednesday afternoon.

Giordano, 50, has been detained on the island resort since Aug. 5. His traveling companion, Robyn Gardner, 35, went missing three days earlier. Giordano told police she drowned while the two were snorkeling, but Aruban authorities have questioned his story. Gardner remains missing, prosecutors said Wednesday.

Ann Angela, a spokeswoman for the Aruban public prosecutors office, said authorities are still trying to piece together what Giordano and Gardner were doing in the days before her disappearance, and how they were getting along. She said police have reviewed surveillance video from the hotel where they stayed, and examined images of Giordano and Gardner, but didn’t see anything unusual.

“We have the video and we don’t see anything,” Angela said.

She said that Giordano, currently held on a 60-day stretch pending a possible trial, would only get this one opportunity to appeal that 60-day detention. “It’s a one-chance thing,” she said.