A D.C. Superior Court judge Friday agreed to a one-month delay in the misdemeanor sexual abuse trial of Washington Redskins defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth to help defense witnesses to schedule their appearances.

In a letter to the court Thursday, Haynesworth’s attorney, A. Scott Bolden, requested the delay until August 2 to “accommodate the schedules of certain witnesses” in the case.

The trial was to begin Monday.

A senior judge overseeing the trial agreed to the delay. Monday’s court date will instead become a status hearing in preparation for the trial. Because it is a misdemeanor case, a judge — not a jury — will hear the evidence.

Haynesworth was indicted by a D.C. grand jury in April in connection with an alleged Feb. 12 assault on a cocktail waitress at the W Hotel’s P.O.V. Roof Terrace and Lounge.

After a May hearing, Bolden said his accuser made up the alleged assault. “It’s about money,” said Bolden, who said he plans to call as many as five witnesses and analyze bank accounts

Prosecutors had offered to dismiss the sexual abuse charge if Haynesworth would plead guilty to simple assault, but Bolden rejected the deal, saying his client was innocent.

In May, Haynesworth reached an out-of-court settlement Monday with a man he allegedly punched in a road rage incident in February, and a misdemeanor assault charge against Haynesworth in Fairfax County General District Court was then dismissed.

The start of Haynesworth Fairfax trial was also delayed as the two sides negotiated the settlement. But that happened under Virginia law, where misdemeanor cases may be dismissed if the complaining witness has reached an agreement with the defendant not to press charges.