A Herndon teen was convicted Wednesday of charges related to a bizarre series of slashings that targeted horses and other animals in and around a popular Fairfax County park, police said.

The brutal attacks — using a 22-inch machete — left a handful of animals with serious wounds and spooked residents near Herndon’s Frying Pan Farm Park.

The 17-year-old was convicted of three felony counts of animal maiming and a misdemeanor trespassing charge in Fairfax County’s juvenile court. The Post generally does not name underage offenders.

Police said an intruder slashed three horses that were part of the Spirit Open Equestrian Program on April 26 after they were put in a paddock for the night. The attack left long gashes on the horse’s hindquarters.

An informant later told police the teen attacked the horses after trying to film a video of himself riding one of them, according to a search warrant. The informant said the horse bucked the teen, so he grew angry and began slashing the animals.

The teen took the informant to the paddock and showed him or her the horse’s wounds and the machete he used to cut the animals, according to the search warrant.

The second attack occurred at the Kidwell Barn on May 26 or 27, police said. The attacker cut a calf, a chick, and a goat and its kid at the attraction.

All of the animals attacked were expected to make full recoveries.

The teen is scheduled to be sentenced later this year.

View Photo Gallery: Seven animals — three horses, two goats, a calf and a chicken — have been attacked in three separate incidents at a Herndon park since April.