A D.C. Superior Court jury is expected to begin deliberations Thursday in the trial of a D.C. police officer charged with pulling out his revolver and firing into a packed car just minutes after offering money in exchange for sex with one of the car’s occupants.

Kenneth D. Furr, 48, who joined the police department in 1990, is charged with several counts including assault with intent to kill, assault with a deadly weapon and solicitation in the Aug. 26, 2011 incident.

Before a courtroom full of Furr’s family, uniformed police officers and curious trial watchers, attorneys on both sides made their closing arguments Wednesday.

Prosecutors said Furr, who was off duty at the time, was irate and attacked five individuals in the vehicle by jumping on the hood of the car and shooting five rounds into the car at around 4 a.m. on First and Pierce streets NW.

Furr had repeatedly offered one of the people in the car, a transgender woman, $500 for sex, according to prosecutors. The woman refused and told one of her male friends, who approached Furr about the proposals.

Furr, prosecutors say, became angry by the interference. Prosecutors also said Furr’s blood level was nearly twice the legal limit.

Furr’s attorneys argued that their client was trying to protect himself when he was attacked by the five individuals who slammed their car into his, forcing Furr to escape by climbing out of his driver’s side window onto his hood.

Furr, his attorneys said, saw one of the occupants reaching beneath his seat and began firing at the front passenger. The passenger was shot twice, in his arm and hand. None of the occupants in the vehicle had a weapon.