(Photo by Eric Athas/The Washington Post). (Eric Athas/WASHINGTON POST)

Prosecutors and defense attorneys began questioning about 300 potential jurors at Montgomery County Circuit Court in Rockville on Monday.

Given the extensive media coverage around the high-profile case, the challenge for attorneys will be finding 12 jurors, plus alternates, who can remain impartial.

More than 85 percent of the potential jurors questioned on Tuesday said that they had seen or read media coverage about the case, according to the Associated Press.

Norwood is charged with first-degree murder for allegedly killing Jayna Murray, 30, at the Lululemon Athletica store in Bethesda Row on March 11.

For days after Murray’s bloody body was discovered, police believed Norwood was also a victim. But the police investigation led detectives to believe that Norwood killed Murray and staged her own injuries.

Once a panel of jurors is selected, Norwood’s trial is expected to last eight days.