A Laurel woman was shot and killed in front of her 10-year-old son Wednesday morning in what investigators think was a domestic dispute outside her townhouse.

Brandice Jones, 26, was found shot in the head and body about 8 a.m. Wednesday in an apartment complex parking lot the 14700 block of Buckingham Court, said Jim Collins, a Laurel city police spokesman. Jones lived in a townhouse that is also in the complex, very near the spot where her body was found, Collins said.

Collins said investigators believe Jones was attacked by a man with whom she had some type of relationship, and that the man then drove to the 9100 block of Cherry Lane and shot and killed himself.

Debra Swanson, a neighbor, said she had seen the woman in some type of a dispute with a man about a week earlier. She said the woman believed the man had slashed her tires, and she seemed to be “trying to get away from the man.”

“It’s very sad, you know?” Swanson said. “Why would a person go to an extreme like that?”

Collins said the woman’s 10-year-old was not hurt in the incident and was being cared for by family members. Police did not immediately identify the woman’s attacker, saying they were trying to notify family members of his death. They also declined to specify his relationship to the woman or her child, saying that doing so might effectively identify him before police were able to talk to his family.