Brittany Norwood

The case of a former Bethesda yoga store worker accused of killing her colleague will be the subject of a court hearing Wednesday morning as attorneys in the case will update a judge on their trial preparations.

Brittany Norwood is currently scheduled to be tried for the March slaying of Jayna Murray at the Lululemon Athletica store starting Oct. 24. Prosecutors intend to seek a prison sentence of life without the possibility of parole, according to recent filings in the case.

In a letter sent to prosecutors and defense attorneys in the case last week, Circuit Judge Robert A. Greenberg said he would like to see a more-detailed written explanation from defense attorneys about why they think that certain statements Norwood made to detectives should be barred from the trial.

The four main lawyers in the case are defense attorneys Douglas J. Wood and Christopher Griffiths, whose practice is based in Riverdale, and prosecutors John McCarthy and Marybeth Ayres, of the Montgomery County State’s Attorneys office.

Greenberg also wants to hear from Wood and Griffiths about what expert witnesses they plan to use. In court filings, McCarthy and Ayres identified several of their own: William Vosburgh, an expert in blood-spatter evidence; David McGill, an shoe print expert; Mary Ann Horton, a fingerprint expert; and Erin Farr, a DNA expert.

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