By Peter Hermann

A man authorities said interfered with a motorcade taking Mitt Romney into the White House on Thursday was arrested and charged with assault on an officer and unlawful entry, according to the U.S. Secret Service.

The incident occurred early in the afternoon at a White House checkpoint at 15th and E Streets NW. Romney, who lost the presidential election, was visiting President Obama for lunch.

A video shot by CNN shows a man screaming at Romney through a passenger side window of a Sport Utiliity Vehicle. An agent is seen quickly grabbing the man and pushing him away as the vehicle speeds into the compound.

Brian Leary, a spokesman for the U.S. Secret Service Office, said the man “became combative with a uniformed Secret Service officer.” He would not describe how the man interfered, but said Romney was not in danger at any time.

The spokesman also would not say whether the man was specifically targeting the Republican presidential candidate. The suspect’s name was not immediately available.

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