A man has been sneaking up behind women in Bethesda and assaulting them with unwelcome hugs, Montgomery County police said.

In the latest of three known cases, on Aug. 8 near the Grosvenor-Strathmore Metro station, the man also “deliberately squeezed” the woman’s breasts after hugging her, Officer Rebecca Innocenti said.

In separate incidents June 5 and July 10 — the first a few blocks from Walt Whitman High School, the other near the Grosvenor Metro — a man came up and wrapped his arms around women who were wearing headphones.

“There was no indication given by the victims that there was any sexual association with those two,” Innocenti said.

The suspect ran away when the women screamed, police said.

Police described the man as thin, white or possibly Asian, age 18 to 22 and 5’6’’ to 5’10’’ tall. All three incidents took place after 10 p.m. and the man has not spoken with, or tried to rob, any of the women, police said.

The July and August incidents took place near the intersection of Grosvenor Place and Tuckerman Lane. The June incident took place about five miles away near Landon Lane and Geranium Street.

Police asked anyone else who has had this happen to them to call the Bethesda Investigative Section at 301-657-0112.