Rudy Sales Perez (Courtesy Arlington County Police )

It began on St. Patrick’s Day when the three men went to a bar in the 2600 block of N. Pershing Drive. At about 2 a.m., they went to a parking lot to continue drinking in a van that belonged to one of the men.

There, they argued about the wives and girlfriends in their lives, said Dustin Sternbeck, spokesman for the Arlington County police. Sternbeck said he did not know exactly what the argument was about, but said it got heated.

Jose Lopez Sales (Courtesy Arlington County Police )

Authorities found the severed right index finger in the parking lot, but doctors at a local hospital said it could not be reattached, Sternbeck said.

Rudy Sales Perez, 21, and Jose Lopez Sales, 23, both of Arlington, were charged with malicious wounding by mob and held without bond.