A George Mason University student was charged for allegedly dealing a prescription drug that is increasingly abused by students who feel it aids their study, according to a search warrant.

Ryan D. Pack of Purceville was arrested in November after admitting to police that he sold his Adderall pills for $3 or $4 each on the Fairfax campus, the search warrant said.

The drug is normally used to treat ADHD, but some think it increases their ability to concentrate.

GMU police became interested in Pack after an officer overheard two students talk about consuming Adderall in the Truman Hall Dormitory on Nov. 13, according to the warrant.

The officer questioned one of the students, who said he gave Pack $20 to help pay for Pack’s Adderall prescription. Pack allegedly gave the student a pill in return, according to the search warrant.

Police then questioned Pack, who admitted that he had sold or gave away the drug and allowed police to search his phone, the search warrant said. Pack was living in the Monroe Dormitory.

He was charged with intent to distribute Adderall, according to the search warrant. His attorney could not immediately be reached for comment.

Det. Thomas Bacigalupi said officers are seeing more abuse of the drug.

“We do see quite a bit,” Bacigalupi said.

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