Prosecutors and police may not know the location of Marcellus Jackson, one of the seven co-defendants and alleged gang members charged with 80 crimes including first-degree murder, but his attorney was in court Friday.

“Where is your client?” D.C. Superior Court Judge Thomas J. Motley asked criminal defense attorney Kevin McCants.

“He will be turning himself in,” McCants assured Motley.

McCants said Jackson, 23, and his family hired him weeks ago.

Jackson and six other District men were charged this week with being members of a violent criminal street gang in the 14th and Girard Streets NW corridor. The gang is allegedly responsible for three homicides of rival gang members and numerous shootings and drug-related offenses between 2006 and 2010.

Standing with their attorneys at Friday’s hearing were Jackson’s co-defendants Lafonte Carlton, 21, Ricardo Epps, 22 and Lester Williams, 24. All three were in shackles.

Devyn Black, prosecutors said, was not at the hearing. Prosecutors said he was currently being held in a federal prison for a 2009 shooting. Police are also still searching for Keir Johnson, 21.

A follow-up hearing was scheduled for Jan. 27.