Deandrew Hamlin, jailed last fall after police found him driving a slain professor’s Jeep, was indicted on an auto-theft charge in the District – another sign, his lawyer said Monday, that police cannot link him to the homicide. “We don’t anticipate any murder charges. He was not involved in the murder,” said the lawyer, Brian K. McDaniel.

Hamlin was indicted on one count Wednesday of unauthorized use of a vehicle, and specifically was accused of taking, removing and using the Jeep, according to court records. He had been charged with similar counts in Montgomery County, but those charges will be dropped on Wednesday, said John McCarthy, the top prosecutor in Montgomery. McCarthy said law enforcement officials worked with those in District, and concluded that charges related to the Jeep were easier to prosecute in the District. The murder investigation of the slain professor, Sue Marcum, continues. McCarthy declined to comment on Hamlin’s role, if any, in the killing.

Marcum’s body was discovered inside her home in Glen Echo area on Oct. 25. About 13 hours later, Hamlin was spotted in her stolen Jeep, and led officers in the District on a chase before crashing, police said. He gave different reasons why he’d come to be driving the Jeep, according to Montgomery authorities.