A man was shot and wounded Friday afternoon within a block or two of a D.C. police station, authorities said.

The victim was found about 5:15 p.m. in the 200 block of M Street SW, with a gunshot wound in t he leg. police said.

The address is no more than two hundred yards from the headquarters of the first police District at 101 M Street. The shooting did not occur on the street, however, officials said. Police said they were t ld that it occurred in the rear of the north side of the block, presumably behind buildings and out of view.

The shooting site is two or three blocks east of the Waterfront Metro station and the Arena Stage. It is about a half mile from Nationals Park on North Capitol Street.

Police said the victim was found conscious and breathing, and was taken to a hospital. His wound was not believed life-threatening.

It was not immediately clear who shot him or why.