Police in Manassas say a vandal made the mistake of leaving a telltale clue to his identity at the crimescene: a shoe print.

Juwan Thomas Johnson, 18, was charged with felony destruction of property after police found his shoe print on the hood of a car that had been vandalized, police said.

Police said it began Wednesday when a woman parked her car in the parking lot of McDowell Commons as she was visiting friends in the area. When she returned, she found the hood of her car had been caved in and her front license plate knocked off.

“The officer found a shoe print on the car, and someone [in the neighborhood] recognized the certain brand of shoe,” Rivera said. “We went back and checked and lo and behold the shoes were there, and we matched them to the owner.”

Rivera estimates the damage to the victim's car totals over $1,000. He said police are investigating whether there were others involved in the vandalism, Rivera said.