An impaired driver pleaded guilty to negligent homicide after hitting a man who was pushing a stalled moped on the Key Bridge, authorities announced Thursday.

Anthony L. Randolph, 41, of Germantown, admitted to drinking and driving the evening of Feb. 27 when he struck Eliester Pineda-Medrano, 23, according to court documents.

At about 10:30 p.m., Pineda-Medrano’s 2006 Piaggio stalled in the right lane in the outbound direction of the Key Bridge, prosecutors said.

The weather was clear and the bridge was well-lit, and Pineda-Medrano began pushing the moped. Several cars passed him safely, prosecutors said, but Randolph did not see Pineda-Medrano and failed to stop or slow down before hitting him.

The impact threw Pineda-Medrano onto Randolph’s windsheild. Randolph’s airbag deployed and he stopped momentarily, but then began driving again and fled onto George Washington Parkway towards Maryland, prosecutors said.

Another driver followed Randolph to get his license plate number and called police with a description of the car.

At 10:50 p.m., a Maryland State Police trooper on northbound Interstate 270, near Montrose Road, saw a vehicle that matched the description. The car was missing the tire on the right front wheel and was producing sparks.

The trooper pulled Randolph over and administered field sobriety tests, which Randolph failed. Randolph also refused to submit to breath testing. He was arrested and charged in what turned out to be a fatal accident.

After the crash, Pineda-Medrano was taken to George Washington Hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

Randolph is scheduled to be sentenced Jan. 27. He faces a maximum prison term of about five years and seven months — five years for the negligent homicide, 30 days for impaired driving and six months for leaving the scene of a collision and causing personal injury.